K’s choice – 20.000 seconds

Otro temazo con su letra, para alegraros el da.

20,000 seconds since you’ve left and I’m still counting
And 20,000 reasons to get up, get something done
But I’m still waiting
Is someone kind enough to
Pick me up and give me food, assure me that the world is good
But you should be here, you should be here

How colors can change and even the texture of the rain
And what’s that ugly little stain on the bathroom floor
I’d rather not deal with that right now
I’d rather be floating in space somewhere or
Worry about the ozone layer

And it’s almost like a corny movie scene
But I’m out of frame and the lighting’s bad
And the music has no theme
And we’re all so strong when nothing’s wrong
And the world is at our feet
But how small we are when our love is far away
And all you need is you

~ por Enrique de Juan en 14 noviembre 2006.

Una respuesta to “K’s choice – 20.000 seconds”

  1. Quique!!!!

    me niego a leer las letras, anmate anda, que nada es demasiado grave…

    donde estas ahora? en que parte del mundo? pena que al final no vinieses a bruselas, mis amigas te esperaban con impaciencia, jejeje.

    yo ya estoy de vuelta en madrid, encerrada con tributario, qu remedio.

    escribeme para contarme que tal te va todo anda, pero animate eh???
    besos, Teresa


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